Amodei Attends F-35 Cockpit Demonstration

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CARSON CITY, NV -- An F-35 cockpit simulator was on display Thursday at Click Bond Incorporated in Carson City.

Congressman Mark Amodei got to experience some of the features a F-35 pilot sees. Even with estimated costs putting the jet at $159 billion over budget the congressman thinks the fighter is worth it.

"When you talk about what the folks who have designed it and the manufacturers have done,” said Congressman Mark Amodei, “They have given you the ability, if you will take that, to get a much superior platform for the same or lower cost for what you are flying now. Which is a success in terms of cost benefit and value and responsible use of the taxpayers' money."

Click Bond has been based in Carson City for the last 27 years. They produce fasteners and adhesives which bond to the jet without creating a need for excess holes. Chief financial officer Karl Hutter estimates about 25 percent of his business is dedicated to the F-35 project.

"Of those 410 employees at Click Bond,Ii think it is fair to say 375 of them touch products that will end up on a F-35, so it's very much a key portion of what we do here, " said Hutter.

It is those parts Click Bond produces combined with the latest in aviation technology that makes this jet a stealth weapon. Instructors from Lockheed Martin say that is the key component in the next generation of combat.