Eyewitness Identifies Gonzalez As Nugget Gunman

RENO, NV - The trial pitting two motorcycle clubs against each other continues in Washoe District Court. Ernesto Gonzalez, a Vagos member, is accused of killing San Jose Hells Angels President Jeffrey Pettigrew during Street Vibrations 2 years ago. Tuesday, more bikers who were at John Ascuaga's Nugget during the deadly casino floor fight took the stand. For the first time, a witness says he saw Gonzalez pull the trigger.

“If you can get your guys to go down the street, where they belong, where they are staying, then these guys will be all right,” said John Siemer, a Vagos Nomad on the stand Tuesday.

Siemer testified that's what he told the small contingent of Hells Angels when he was asked to quash the potential conflict on the casino floor at John Ascuaga's Nugget the night of September 23, 2011.

He says he suggested to a fellow Vagos, Gary Rudnick, to go to his room, but he says Rudnick didn't listen to him, and soon Rudnick and Pettigrew got into it, and shots were fired.

And one witness claimed Pettigrew and his fellow Hells Angel,came after him before Pettigrew was fatally shot.

Vagos member Robert Wiggins says during the melee he was pushed by a crowd outside a casino restaurant and fell to the ground.

Prosecutors disputed his claim and said he was in pursuit of the Hells Angels members when he fell.

Wiggins says within seconds of hitting the ground, the President of the San Jose Hells Angels and a fellow member Caesar Villagrana started kicking him.

He testified Pettigrew's colleague shot his gun in the air several times.

When asked if the gunfire could have come from defendant Ernesto Gonzalez's gun.

“No,” replied Wiggins.

It's interesting to note: the question came from defense attorney David Houston, who says his client shot Pettigrew to save Wiggins' life.

“I saw him come around the corner, raise the gun up and shoot Jethro in the back,” testified a colleague of Pettigrew.

The Hells Angel told the jury he accompanied Jeffrey Pettigrew to Street Vibrations that year.

The man, who we were asked not to show on camera, pointed to Ernesto Gonzalez as the man who killed Pettigrew.

He says Gonzalez came from the dance hall with gun on his side, and killed Pettigrew within ten seconds.

Earlier Tuesday in court, Washoe County Medical Examiner Dr. Ellen Clark testified Pettigrew had been shot at least 5 times, and was stabbed in the face.