Extreme Weather Around the World

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Ice and snow in Chicago led to several accidents on local expressways. On of those accidents was deadly. Police say a man was killed when a car hit him, after his own car had crashed. Several lanes and ramps were closed as police investigated and cleaned up the mess.

More than two weeks after Sandy people in long island are still left freezing with no power. Some New York residents are turning their frustration into legal action. They are suing the Long Island Power Authority for gross negligence. Officials say they continue to focus on restoration and have brought back power to 99 percent of the homes. Some ten thousand in flood zones are still in the dark.

Thousands in New Zealand took a break this morning to watch as the sun, moon and earth aligned and plunged northern Australia into darkness during a total solar eclipse. Skygazers crowded along beaches, fields and clifftops to watch the event. The next time New Zealand will see this kind of eclipse is 2028.