Exploring the Tahoe Rim Trail

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KING’S BEACH, Calif.- Local hiking guide and author Tim Hauserman expands his coverage of Lake Tahoe in the 3rd edition of “Tahoe Rim Trail.” It’s the 165-mile trail’s official guide for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.

“I was hiking the Rim Trail last summer and found out about a bunch of new trail they’ve been building so there’s 20 miles of new trail in this edition, it’s pretty cool,” Hauserman said.

He’s lived in the Tahoe area since 1960 and has hiked every mile of the Rim Trail.

“I’ve through-hiked it three times and it’s an easy trail to through-hike,” Hauserman said. “It’s like a two-week vacation and the cool part is you can see where you’re going and where you’ve been the whole time. You look down to the south from here and you’re looking at where you’re going to be in four days and then you can look back and see where you were four or five days ago.”

He says it’s truly a trail for everyone and every purpose; hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians looking to tackle the entire loop or just take an afternoon stroll. And right now is a great time to experience it.

“Fall is great,” Hauserman said. “You can have the place to yourself. Lots of times you can hike all day and not see that many people and you can go to lakes and still swim. It’s a little brisk but they’re still awesome to get in.”

The new trails make access even easier.

“They actually put in a loop called the Van Sickle Trail that goes down to South Lake Tahoe right by the casinos,” Hauserman said. “So you can walk right out of the casinos and onto this trail and go to a waterfall and a lake within a mile, it’s awesome.”

The book is endorsed by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association. Hauserman served on the Board of Directors from 1998 to 2007 and credits the group with keeping the trail in top condition.

“They built the trail, they maintain the trail and they have an amazing crew that spends a lot of time and effort in that maintenance,” Hauserman said. “They love being out here working on the trail and making it nice for everyone.”

And there are plans to expand the trail even further.

“It’s a trail called the Rim to Reno Trail that they’re building that will come from pretty close to downtown Reno all the way up to Mt. Rose,” Hauserman said. “So you can hike from Reno, connect to the TRT and then hike all the way around.”

For most hikers, it takes about two weeks but Hauserman says the record for the 165-mile trek is just 39 hours.

“Obviously there was some running involved,” Hauserman said. “At night, in the dark, actually the guy who did it said he got lost for a couple of miles so he did more like 175 miles.”

“Tahoe Rim Trail: The Official Guide for Hikers, Mountain Bikers and Equestrians” is published by Wilderness Press.