Experimental Treatment Could Benefit Toddler

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RENO, NV - To see her smile, Lennah looks like any healthy 2-year-old, but she's already fighting a battle most of us couldn't imagine. She was born with gastroschisis, a birth defect that caused her intestines to be outside of her abdominal wall. According to her mother Lennah had 6 major surgeries, spending 4 months in the hospital. She suffered a stroke during one of those surgeries which left her with cerebral palsy.

Now, she is unable to eat or control her limbs. The bubbly toddler is undergoing therapy to improve her motor skills, but her parents are hoping a new stem cell treatment will be even more effective. The experimental procedure isn't covered by insurance, so friends and family have pitched in help raise the $21,000 dollars, to cover the cost. They created a gofundme.com page, and are already half way to their goal.

Like any parents, Ashleigh and Misael have big dreams for their baby girls, but for Lennah, even the smallest benchmarks are big victories. "Sitting is so much independence," says Ashleigh "and if she could just sit up on her own she could participate in her class." Meanwhile, the couple says they are beyond grateful for help they've already received.

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