Expect Drought Conditions This Summer

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RENO, NN - Recent storms are still not making a big difference in our drought situation. So what is the outlook for summer? Will we have enough water in our river, and our homes?

We have said time and time again that, in terms of water, we are not in a good situation, but we will still have water in the river this summer.

It's been an exceptionally dry year and as April 1st rolls around, the chance to catch up has dried up.

"We're going to see less of a chance to see those larger storms that would really help to mitigate the lack of precipitation that we are getting," said Edan Lindaman with the National Weather Service.

We'll still get a few more storms, but we're so far behind average on our water year, we're not going to come close to normal.

"No we are not anywhere near normal throughout most of Nevada," said Beau Uriona with the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Northern Nevadans rely heavily on snow for water, and there is just not much snowpack this year.

"In the neighborhood of 40 percent of normal with some of the main reservoirs such as Lake Tahoe rising very little," said Uriona

The situation is not a good one, but despite that, TMWA says there is plenty or water for homes and rationing won't be necessary.

By law, the Federal Water Master has to keep the river flowing at 500 cubic feet per second. It's enough for most parties involved.

"On any given day, the utility will probably use anywhere from 20 up to 40 percent of that flow," said John Erwin with TMWA.

Erwin explains, there will be plenty of water in your home but it's still a good idea to conserve.

"Yes conservation is going to come in to play because everything we don't use in the fall is water we don't have to release from an upstream reservoir," said Erwin.

The issues will still however affect farmers who will all be fighting over a smaller amount of water.

This year is not the worst on record, but definitely the worst we have seen in a while.