Evaporative Coolers Can Keep Pets Safe

MINDEN, NV - “I do the wiring, my husband does the form work,” says Barbara Bachman, president of TurboKool as she shows us one of the cooling units.

Barbara Bachman and her husband Are TurboKool.

Makers of the portable evaporation coolers, Barbara says they are a solution for those who like to travel with their pets.

“It’s so dangerous to have pets in a car, a hot car. So our TurboKools for instance, we have one on the back of our truck on the shell of our truck. We can put out dog in the back of our truck and keep in cool we have to go inside,” says Bachman.

Her Airedale, Zoe shows us the unit in back of the Bachmnan's truck.

Powered by a 12 volt battery or solar panel the unit takes water, cools it and forces the air back into the space.

The Bachman's receive orders and put the units together and ship them off from their home in Minden.

They have a modest manufacturing facility in their garage.

Just down the street John Pigman shows us his TurboKool.

He had it installed after he bought this used trailer five years ago.

He uses the trailer during hunting and camping season.

“It is usually about 20 degrees cooler inside when compared to the outside temperature,” says Pigman.

The Bachmans have filled orders from more than just people living two miles away from their home. They've helped Lyon County's Search and Rescue, Nevada's National Guard. There's even on in Kuwait.