Elko Commissioner Begins Grazing Protest

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CARLIN, Nev. (AP) - An Elko County commissioner has begun a 70-mile horseback ride across northern Nevada to protest livestock grazing reductions on federal land.

Commissioner Grant Gerber and his son saddled up their horses before sunrise on Memorial Day and rode about 20 miles to Carlin. The two had breakfast with local Mayor Cliff Eklund, who planned a parade and rodeo in support of the riders.

Gerber planned to camp out at Battle Mountain on Monday night. His destination is Carson City by week's end.

Once there, he says he'll present a petition to Gov. Brian Sandoval urging the removal of Doug Furtado as the head of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Battle Mountain District.

BLM officials have said temporary reductions in grazing allotments are necessary due to lingering drought.