Elections Officials Take Steps to Prevent Fraud

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RENO, NV -- A government source tells KOLO voter registration forms in Nevada are being reviewed for potential fraud and to determine if the forms are complete. Secretary of State Ross Miller's office declined to comment on whether an investigation is taking place.

The measures come after accusations Strategic Allied Consulting submitted bogus registration forms in Florida. Strategic Allied Consulting also did work in other key swing states -- that includes Nevada.

Washoe County Registrar of Voters Dan Burk said the voters themselves play a role in preventing election tampering. Burk said the ability to challenge someone's right to vote is another method of preventing voter fraud.

"Even the citizens themselves can be watchdogs to make sure we don't have any shenanigans going on and people are doing what they are supposed to be doing," he said.

Challenges can also be made before the election. He said if someone has direct knowledge a person is not eligible to vote, they may challenge that person. Challenges, among other reasons, arise form concerns a person doesn't live in the state or already voted. If legitimate voters are challenged at the polls, they will have to show identification and sign an affidavit -- the document comes with the penalty of perjury if falsified.

Around the time of the last presidential election, 'ACORN' illegally paid its workers bonuses based on the number of registration forms that were submitted in Nevada. Documents uncovered showed the names of the Dallas Cowboys football team being signed up to vote.