Search Continues for Elderly Man Missing for Weeks

RENO, NV - If you were to go missing, these are the guys you'd want in the search. A son who is worried sick. A brother who is a former police detective. A nephew who makes his living as a private investigator.

These three have been searching tirelessly for 86-year-old Patrick Carnes, last seen on April 13 at a gas station in Wells, Nevada.

He was on his way back to Reno on Interstate 80 from Ohio. His car was found the next day on off-ramp 20 miles east of Winnemucca.

"Nothing in the vehicle seemed to be tossed or looked into. Everything is intact. It doesn't appear as if anyone went through his luggage or any of his items. We can only surmise from there," says Carnes' brother Jim.

His only companion was his dog Lucky, the animal is missing as well. His relatives say Patrick Carnes would not have left the dog behind. A check of Lucky's GPS chip hasn't revealed any whereabouts.

Father of four, with more than a dozen grand children and great grandchildren he didn't bother with the extras

That means no cell phone, no credit or debit card, which might have made the search for him easier.

Interstate 80 in Nevada is a major thoroughfare in Nevada with plenty of open space. Carnes could have run into anyone from saint to sinner.

Carnes' younger brother and his nephew will only be in town the next couple of days, during that time they'll canvass the interstate corridor with fliers.

They have Carnes' picture on them along with his dog Lucky.

Secret Witness is offering a reward for information. You can also contact Humboldt County Sheriff's Office at (775) 623-6429 and ask for Undersheriff Curtiss Kull.