Eight Men Cited in Downtown Reno Prostitution Sting

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Reno police say they've cited 8 men in an undercover prostitution sting. The sting, targeted people trying to hire a woman posing as a prostitute on West 4th St. in downtown Reno.

They tell us, an undercover female officer walked down the 4th St. corridor in downtown Reno and was approached by eight men who solicited her for sex.

The following men were cited:

23 year-old Braulio Villalobos-Martinez from Sparks.
53 year old Ibrahim Akbar from Elk Grove, CA.
69 year old Lacy Raymond from Fernley
23 year old Joseph Lupica from Reno
64 year old Glenn Miller from Reno
37 year old Israel Campus-Medina from Reno
21 year old Joseph Carbajal from Reno
39 year old Juan Serratos-Olguin from Sun Valley

All eight men were contacted and issued misdemeanor citations for solicitation for prostitution. The pre-designated bail/fine for solicitation for prostitution is $500.00. Those cited or arrested for solicitation for prostitution are also required to submit to blood testing for sexually transmitted diseases.