East and South See Bitter Cold Temperatures

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The record-setting cold temperatures that invaded parts of the Midwest have extended into the East and South this morning.

Temperatures dropped to eight degrees in Atlanta -- and six below zero at a remote weather station in the north Georgia mountains. Parts of West Virginia haven't been this cold in 25 years. And the extreme cold in Virginia beat record lows that had stood since the late 1950s.

Highs are only supposed to get into the single digits today in Georgia and Alabama. Wind chill warnings extend as far south as Florida.

The operator of a power grid supplying energy to more than 61 million people in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and South is asking users to conserve power today because of the cold.

At least 15,000 homes and businesses in Indiana don't have any power to conserve. Utility crews are working to restore service, amid temperatures in the negative teens. But officials are warning that some customers could be in the cold and dark for days.