Earthquakes North Of Spanish Springs

The seismology lab up at UNR says the area near Sugar Loaf Peak off the Pyramid Highway is where the recent spate of earthquakes in Spanish Springs is taking place.

The largest magnitude is 1.0 so we can detect them because we have a good network up in that Spanish Springs area. Hopefully its run its course, I haven't seen too many overnight, but we just want to make people aware of what is going on below them,” says Ken Smith with the Seismology Lab.

Areas that could be affected by these quakes should they increase in magnitude are the developments just south of Sugar Loaf Peak in the Wingfield Springs area.

Some garages had secured water heaters like this one--the owner here tells us his old one conked out last year, and the installer strapped the new tank to the wall as required by law.

The owner added he hadn't felt the recent series of quakes.

Smith says that's probably because the quakes are happening between 5 and 8 miles under ground.

“But the question always is, is this a precursor to a larger earthquake or is it merely mother nature letting off pressure,” says Aaron Kenneston, Washoe County's Emergency Manager.

It doesn't have to be a big one

Just ask the residents of Somersett where four year's ago earthquakes rattled their homes for about two months the strongest tembler registered four-point seven.

Some homes experienced damage as a result on the ongoing ground doubt many homeowners who weren't prepared soon did and set up a preparedness plan and kit.

The ground motions just north of Spanish Springs are not unusual for the Northern Nevada Region.

Even more reason to set up an emergency plan and preparedness kit.