Earthquake After-Effects

Amateur Video Producer Noah Siler was busy making his latest production last night when this happened.

“Whoa, I'm having and earthquake, holy crud,” said Noah in the middle of his video.

He then runs out of his bedroom into some other part of his house.

Something was happening, according to UNR'S Seismology Lab, an earthquake centered near Lake Almanor measuring 5.7
It moved a boulder onto highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon.

Spilled liquor bottles at a Chester California store.

At another store in Greenville, a maintenance man is seen on a security cameras startled by the jolt.

At a vacation home on the peninsula at Lake Almanor the walls cracked, a t-v has crashed to the floor food and other items have spilled in the pantry.

Here in Reno, some residents felt, the earthquake others did not.

“Last night I was laying in bed and I was reading, I thought I felt something. I moved the bed myself and said nah...I felt something, so that is what it was. It was spooky,” says Tilford Landis.

“I felt nothing, this is like the first time I've heard about it to be honest with you, “says Marissa Plocher another Reno Resident.

"That's the main event,” says Ken Smith showing us graphs which picked up the quake;

Smith, director of the UNR'S Seismology Lab, says the area where the quake was centered is not immune to earthquakes.

But perhaps what startled residents most, there were no foreshocks.

What may help in the future, two members of his staff are headed to the area on Saturday to place additional monitoring devices in volunteer homes

“If you can get locations in after shocks you can actually image the fault and see what the fault was or which fault was involved in it,” says Smith.

Smith says the activity continues in the area.

There have been up to 1,000 after shocks since the major event, but nothing that so far is being felt here in Northern Nevada.

Fortunately we have Noah Siler to provide us with updates.

“Hey guys, I'm back we are going to end the video because we had an earthquake,” he is seen saying as he returns back to his camera eleven minutes later.