Big Drug Bust in Quiet Reno Neighborhood

Neighbors say the people living in the house at 400 Glenmanor actually made the house look nicer. The three arrested in the case were described as friendly. It was the last place they say you’d expect to find a drug house.

“I go 400 Glenmanor where the heck is that? I pulled up Google and sure enough it's the house I can see from my front window. It took me by surprise,” says Bob Barsanti and neighbor.

As soon as the residents found out about the pot bust at 400 Glenmanor Drive, they still couldn't believe it.

No late night activity, no cars driving by at odd hours of the day or night.
Rather, they say the residents there were friendly, helpful, and always said hello.

One woman says the basement lights were frequently on in the evening.

That would make sense.

Police reports say more than 60 marijuana plants, 1800 grams of the finished product, firearms, and several pipes, bong and scales were all found in the basement after a search warrant was served on April 18th.

The value, police say, is estimated at more than $150,000.

Jared Dalen, 30, 28-year old Ann Soresca and 30-year-old Jared Phenix all face charges of possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance for sale.