Drought to Affect River Recreation

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RENO, Nev.-- This weekend may be the last weekend to enjoy a trip down the Truckee River.

"A little shallow in some places but it is good. it is still fun right now," said Paul Morss who was rafting with his family on Friday.

"It was fantastic it was great. this is our first time trying this out so water level I think was really good for beginners," said Morss.

It's a good thing they did it now. If they tried next week, they would have been in for a bumpy ride.

"You'll just be dragging the rocks and as they call it, the river will be boney and not very pleasant of a float," said Chad Blanchard, the Federal Water Master.

It's a lack of water. The Truckee River through Reno is fed by Boca and Lake Tahoe. Next week, Boca will run dry and Tahoe will just be trickling into the river.

"Definitely kayaking, rafting will be effected more than others things. Obviously swimming it does not take as much water," said Blanchard.

James Bell of Sierra Adventures says the situation is not perfect, but they'll make do.

"This year would probably be the closest that we at least can't raft, but I think they will be able to tube on some section of the river here," said Bell.

Bell says tubes can travel in relatively little water, but river raft's have multiple people so they don't do as well.

"So we'll just scale that down even more as the water gets shallower," said Bell.