Drivers Deal with Second Day of Snow

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RENO, NV - The storm Tuesday morning caused some problems for drivers, but most of them were cleared by the afternoon.

On Tuesday around noon, traffic was moving along just fine on Mount Rose. The roads were slick, but since the snowfall and wind that morning were not as heavy as the day before, there were just a couple of slide outs. NDOT crews were also busy plowing the snow off the highway, which helped. This was a big difference from the day before, the first day of the storm, when there were at least 20 slide outs on Mount Rose Highway, causing some big delays.

Earlier in the morning, the slick roads led to delays on I-80 in the Truckee area. The California Highway Patrol wouldn't let trucks through during the morning commute because there were so many slide outs in road construction areas. However, by 9:00 am, the restrictions were lifted.