Drinking the Same as Your Valentine = Relationship Longevity

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RENO - A study released this week indicates that couples who drink together, stay together. The Los Angeles Times reports, just like anything else in a relationship, a couple's drinking compatibility could determine whether they stay together.

The article looks at a study out of Norway in which nearly 20,000 married couples were examined. The couples who drank the same amount were less likely to divorce in comparison to couples in which one person drank heavily and the other person did not. The study was also able to pinpoint certain alcohol trends which could cause couples to split.

Couples in which both parties consumed high amounts of alcohol tended to break-up, as did couples where only the woman was a heavy drinker. In fact, 26.8% of couples where the man drank less than the high-alcohol consuming woman dissolved. Compare that to the 13.1% divorce rate of couples where the man drank more than the woman.

The lead author of the study, as quoted in the LA Times, believes relationships don't last when the women drink more because women tend to become more uninhibited when drunk.

The study's co-author said this study shows people should look at the amount their partner drinks when considering marriage, and weigh whether that might be a problem in the future.