Dressing Up the Dogs for Halloween

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At Pawsitively Pets in South Reno, there's a small supply of dog costumes. Workers say they don't stock up as much as they used to, since sales of those items have gone down.

"Yeah, I think the economy is part of it," says Rachel Schryer, who works at Pawsitively Paws. "A lot of people don't have the money to buy costumes. They're not exactly cheap depending on how big your dog is, etcetera."

The owner of Bag of Bones in Sparks agrees.

"Yeah, you know with the economy changing, we don't see too much of those fun 'boutiquey' things being bought. But you still have people who love their animals and want to dress them up," says Kim Hunter, owner of Bag of Bones.

In fact, Hunter says her most popular piece of Halloween clothing for dogs isn't even a costume.

"The halloween bandanas are the most popular thing that we sell. Even the people that are anti clothing will put a bandana on their dog," she says.