Dramatic Drop in River Flows

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RENO, NV - It had been predicted for months and Thursday, it finally happened. The levels in the Truckee River dropped so dramatically that places normally covered with water are now dry land. We have not seen Truckee River flows this low in years.

It's most dramatic on Wingfield's south side, but the north side has noticeably less water as well. It dropped so quickly because the flow from Boca was turned off Wednesday. Lake Tahoe is now the Truckee's only main source of water.

"It surprised me that it dropped that fast but, you know there is no water upstream to feed the Truckee so they have to drop it at some point," said Dave Stanley, an expert fisherman with knowledge of the Truckee River.

Stanley has fished the Truckee for 35 years. He says the only time he's seen flows worse than this was during drought conditions in 1993.

"There was a time when the river did not really go through town. It was just standing water," said Stanley

The hope is that that does not happen this year. The river is a vital part of our community that we can't afford to lose.

"It is amazing the number of users we have on the Truckee during the summer time. Not just fisherman but people who swim, they kayak, they raft, they do all kinds of stuff and all of those are impacted," said Stanley.