Downtown Reno's Newest Casino Opens Its Doors

RENO, NV - There's new life in an old building in downtown Reno.

Siri's Casino celebrated its grand opening Friday afternoon.

Siri's Casino is in what some may remember as the old Primadonna Casino.

Owner Jeff Siri, who is also president of the Club Cal Neva, says the goal is to bring new life to downtown Reno.

"There hasn't been a new casino in this part of downtown Reno since the Silver Legacy opened in 1995," Siri said.

Siri says he hopes his casino will bring more people downtown.

"Now we have more lights, more activity, more things going on," he said. "So hopefully it won't just benefit us, but everyone in the downtown area."

The gaming-only casino boasts more than 100 slots, a snack bar and countless combinations of $3 daiquiris.

"We based it on a South Beach Miami feel," Siri said. "If you've ever been to South Beach, there are daiquiris everywhere. So we have 9 different daiquiri machines; plus we can make more in our blenders so you can combine any flavors you want."