Downtown Library Wins "Coolest" Award

RENO, NV - The building was listed in the National Historic Registry a little more than a year ago.

But patrons of the library downtown know it for its friendly staff, services, and materials.

“I'm in here almost every day. It is my second home,” says library patron Vera Albano.

Vera comes here to rent DVDs on a daily basis.

That's one of the newer additions to the library; patrons can also use computers here and locate materials around the world.

It's contemporary, which is how you would describe the downtown library itself--except it was built in 1966.

”We have all kinds of comments like Jetsons and you know Star Trek and things like that. So even the chairs, we have very little money, try keep, in keeping with the intent of the architecture or design,” says Scottie Wallace, Managing Librarian.

Wallace, who has been here since 2003, says the uniqueness of the downtown library was a big draw for her.

With the help of a co-worker, nationwide, people know about the downtown library in Reno.

“The picture that he had taken, chose the one he liked and submitted that picture with the narrative. And I was able to look at the others, and I thought, slam dunk, we are going to do it. Go, Reno," says Wallace.

Judges cited the garden-type atmosphere here, the wishing well for kids, and the study pods that rise to the natural light.

With the award comes a $500 check, Wallace says, which will be used to buy educational science, technology, engineering and mathematics materials for kids.