Man Arrested for Kidnapping/Attempted Assault of Boy at Church

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Minden, NV - Douglas County sheriff's investigators have arrested 21-year-old Jacob Wilcher on charges of kidnapping and attempted sexual assault after deputies disabled a vehicle in a chase.

At about 11:40 am Sunday, DCSO deputies responded to a call of an attempted child abduction at the Lifepoint Church in Minden.

A teacher at the church reported that she had been holding an outdoor class for youth members of the church when an unknown male adult, later identified as Wilcher, approached the class, grabbed a 10-year-old boy from the group and ran around the side of the church building.

Church officials followed Wilcher around the side of the building and found him disrobing while holding the scared boy. The church members grabbed the boy and attempted to detain Wilcher, who was able to break free of their grasp. He ran to a vehicle parked nearby and drove away.

Church officials then followed the vehicle and used their cell phones to relay information back to DCSO deputies on Wilcher's location.

On Johnson Lane, deputies attempted to stop Wilcher with flashing lights, siren and verbal commands over the cruiser's PA system. DCSO Sergeant Pat Brooks utilized a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver, using the front of his vehicle to spin the suspect's vehicle around and immobilize it.

Authorities later discovered that Wilcher was driving a car he stole from his mother earlier that morning.

Wilcher was taken into custody and he is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail on charges of: Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault, Lewdness with a Minor and Grand Larceny of a Vehicle.

His bail has been set at $332,000.

Deputies say it appears the victim was not injured and his name has not been released due to his young age.