Douglas High School Twins Share Identical Dreams

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, NV - They've been inseparable since birth, from taking the same classes, to playing on the same sports teams and now, even college can't part them. However, they're not leaving their small Douglas County town without first making history.

Identical twins Maria and Gabby Munoz graduated from Douglas High School Friday, May 30.

"When we were little we looked a lot a like, but now, her hair is curly. I just straighten mine and mine is shorter and I just dyed my hair." said Maria Munoz. "We try to make ourselves different but people still can't tell us apart!"

Not only do they look identical, but they share identical dreams.

"We're like the closest twins ever. People who have twins at this school say, 'we're not that close' because we walk around together. They even came up with a nickname, Muni," Maria said.

"Our last name is just plural now because we're always together," Gabby said.

They took the same classes throughout high school and their 4.5 GPA landed them top honors as Co-Valedictorians, a first time for Douglas High School.

"Our teachers a lot of the time have our grades memorized, like test scores they'd come in an be like 'Gabby beat you, finally,' because usually in math I beat her, and in history and literature, she usually beats me," Maria said.

Even in the heat of competition, they remain the best of friends.

"We've always been competitive," Maria said. "We always try to see who's better because we know we're literally the same person, we want to see who is better."

"We're usually off by like a point on our test scores so it's really not much of a difference, but it just switches on and off so it's funny.

They're both headed to Notre Dame in the fall and for the first time, they won't be able to live together. However, that won't be enough to separate the two. After all, two minds are greater than one.

After college, Maria and Gabby want to go to graduate school together and conduct arthritis and cancer research together.