Dogs Attack and Kill Neighbor Dog in Sun Valley

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SUN VALLEY, NV - It happened a month ago in Spanish Springs and now another dog is dead as a result of a Pit Bull attack. This time it was a very similar scenario. Dogs broke out of their enclosure, went to another home and attacked a dog at that home.

The two dogs involved in this attack have killed before. It was in March of last year where they got out of their enclosure and did almost the exact same thing.

"They need to be put down, there are not two ways about it. They have to be put down," said Ron Crew, a dog owner in Sun Valley.

Crew is certain there is only one way to deal with a problem he's seen too many times in his neighborhood.

"He swore to god he would chain them up and he would not let them out again, but I guess he just didn't care," said Crew.

Ron's dog Buster was attacked by a neighbors dog two times before. He was always there to pull them off, but Friday, when he was out of town, the dogs killed Buster.

They told me about the attack and the dog did not make it, so then I went outside and there was blood everywhere and I totally lost it," said Crew.

A report on the incident shows the pit bulls were attacking Buster's body long after he had died. Animal control officers say the dogs escaped from a nearby yard by breaking through the skirting under a mobile home.

They had killed before. In March of 2013 they escaped their yard and went through a neighbor's doggie door. Killing one dog, severely injuring another, and wounding a third.

"They should be put down right then, it should not happen, its inexcusable, there is no excuse for it. If you can not train your dog you should not have it," said Crew.

The responsible dogs likely won't be put down. The law does not allow animal services to do it. Either the owners have to make the decision or a court.

There is a push right now to change the law and require the euthanasia of any dog that kills another dog. That case is happening out of Incline Village where a pair of German Sheppards killed a dog last month while it was out on a walk.