Doctors Save Baby Before Mom's Untimely Death

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RENO, NV - “She left me the best gift she could,” says Will Johnson about his wife Karli. “I have a purpose.”

The couple was expecting their first child when Karli fell ill during her shift as a nurse at Renown last week.

Karli didn't know it but she’d been born with a weak heart, and had suffered an aortic dissection.

She wasn't due until February - but doctors scheduled an emergency c-section to be safe.

Baby Bodie was doing well in the NICU, and his mother was doing better too.

After a couple days she got to see him for the first time.

“She said ‘I feel happy’,” her husband remembers “’but I feel sad because I can't hold him.’”

After that visit Karli's health rapidly deteriorated.

Despite emergency surgery, she passed away.

Now Will is struggling to accept the loss of his wife while welcoming a new son.

“I don't know if being a dad has sunk in yet,” he says “but being around him makes me feel a whole lot better.”

Will says he plans to talk about Karli everyday so that Bodie grows up knowing her as the mother she wanted to be.

A "celebration of life" memorial is being held for Karli Friday

Friends of the couple have set up a benefit account to help will and baby Bodie.

You can help by clicking on the links below.

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