Distracted Driving Crackdown

Deputy Armando Avina watches the cars along Eagle Canyon Drive.

Neighbors in the area he says have complained to the Sheriffs Department about drivers here using phones, driving too fast, and not being buckled up.

Deputy Avina says that's a major problem on this stretch of roadway.

“We see kids walking home, kids riding their bikes home, we've seen school buses, near collisions in the round about--in all there is a cell phone to the ear,” says Deputy Avina.

Deputy Avina says the department takes the complaints seriously and will follow-up.

That's why deputies took Tuesday afternoon on Eagle Canyon Drive to enforce Nevada's Distracted Driver Law which is a year old.

Keith Kline was pulled over for using his cell phone, he says he was talking to his kids alerting them to the stepped up enforcement in the area.

It was the wrong move especially he says with so many people walking in the area and cross the street.

“These days both kids and adults, they just aren't looking both ways before they cross the street, I've noticed it myself,m” says Kline.

Deputy Avina says its not about handing out tickets and paying fines.

These enforcement programs are about bringing awareness to an all too common problem that can change the driver's life at the touch of a send button.

One day perhaps such activity will be as unacceptable as drinking and driving.

This won't be the last time you see such enforcement.

With holidays coming deputies will be assisting Sparks, Reno, and NHP looking for distracted drivers and those who aren't buckled up...and there will be federal money to put those deputies on the street.