Disposing of Prescription Drugs

A recent study shows a large percentage of prescription pain drug abusers get their medications from family and friends.

“Bottom line is nearly half what is prescribed is sitting in people's medicine cabinet,” says Larry Pinson, with Nevada's Board of Pharmacy.

We found bottles and bottles of expired medicines in just one cabinet.

If you have an impulse to flush them down the toilet, don't; remnants will end up in the drinking water.

Instead, experts say you can take common household items like kitty litter, used or not, to get rid of your prescriptions.

You can also use coffee grounds, especially if you pour old coffee over them; pills will simply dissolve in the grounds.

You can then throw the drugs away.

Another option: wait for a local "Prescription Drug Roundup."

“We have a few locations in Washoe County where people can come twice a year, to drop off unused or unwanted prescriptions that are in cabinets, so we can make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands,” says Reserve Lieutenant Teresa Aquila with Washoe County Sheriffs Office.

You can also go to any local law enforcement office and drop off your prescription drugs at a designated receptacle.

But there are limitations, unlike at a Prescription Drug Roundup, which takes place next month on April 26th.