Deputy Injured During Incident in Carson City is Back on Duty

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CARSON CITY, Nev. -- A Carson City Sheriff's deputy is back on duty after x-rays for an injured hand showed no broken bones.

The deputy was injured before 6pm Friday night during an incident on Long Street near Roop. People initially called in saying that a drunk man was yelling and causing a disturbance in the area. Sheriff Kenny Furlong tells KOLO 8 News Now that when deputies first approached him, the man became aggressive and they had to call for help twice. Sheriff Furlong says the man was so "out of control" that it required several tasers and a number of deputies to restrain him.

One of the deputies went to the hospital for a possibly broken hand but the x-rays were negative for a break so he was released and is back on duty.

The subject is still in the hospital. He is being treated for minor injuries from the incident, but more importantly, he is being tested for potential intoxicants. So far, tests only show alcohol in his system, but medical personnel are still waiting on the results of some tests. The Sheriff says the man has a history of domestic incidents. He will probably be charged with Drunk and Disorderly, Battery on an Officer, and Obstruction when he is released from the hospital.

The Sheriff tells KOLO 8 News Now there were a number of incidents within just a few hours that include alcohol-related extreme aggression. While the incidents are likely coincidence, the Sheriff's Office and the Nevada Highway Patrol are further investigating to see if there is any link between them.