Dental Outreach Program Helps Hundreds of Local Children

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RENO, Nev. -- Good teeth can say a lot about your kid's health, but it also can affect his or her self-esteem..

Thousands of children in northern Nevada don't get the proper dental care they need.

More than 100 dentists in the region donate their services to the Northern Nevada Dental health program, a non-profit organization designed to help those children in need.

One local dentist is trying to preserve the legacy that his son left behind with the organization.

Jason Eberle loved kids as much as he loved the medical field. Even starting out in the business, he set aside time o provide free dental care to those who couldn't afford it.

"It's something that everyone's the least I feel we could do as a community to help them out," Dr. Joseph Eberle, Jason's father and Desert Valley Dental dentist said.

However, Jason unexpectedly passed away from natural causes four years ago. His father, Joseph, who is also a dentist, wanted to finish what his son had started.

"As these children grow up, they realize what he has done directly and indirectly," Dr. Joseph Eberle said.

Just this past year, more than 400 local kids go t chance to see a dentist, and hopefully improve their self-esteem.

"A patient has to fall through the cracks." Dr. Joseph Eberle said. "They have no insurance, and economically speaking they are unable to afford care so those are the kids we take care of."

One of them was 15-year-old Naylelli Camarena, who has dreams of becoming a doctor, now that she has a smile she's proud to have.

"They were really messed up...I didn't like my smile. But now I'm confident and smiley," she said.

Dr. Eberle says helps about 60 to 90 children per year and he says some main causes of poor oral hygiene among kids are a lack of education and also bad habits.

Jason Eberle is also the step-brother of JK Metzker, who was killed last year when a car struck him.

Dr. Joseph Eberle is hosting "2 Bothers Memorial concert at the Atlantis Casino on October 19 to raise money for both the Northern Nevada Dental Health Program and the Metzker family.

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