Democrats Respond to Ryan Campaign Event

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RENO, NV -- Democrats invited media and supporters to the party's office to respond to remarks by Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate.

"What our president is doing today is leading by consensus by taking the world and having them stand with us," Kate Marshall, Nevada State Treasurer, said. Marshall also said the GOP ticket has not detailed how it would handle foreign policy differently than President Barack Obama.

Volunteers were being trained to knock on doors and how to talk with voters Monday.

"I feel like money has more power than we do except if we all volunteer and get together and win," Diane Serafini of San Francisco said. Serafini said she traveled from San Francisco to Nevada because the state is anticipated to be highly influential in the presidential race.

"The path to two-hundred seventy, two-hundred seventy electoral votes is looking scarier and scarier for the Romney campaign," Assemblymember David Bobzien said.

Marshall also said the math doesn't add up to cut the deficit while reducing taxes.