Delay in Body I-D Leaves Missing Woman's Family Angry, Frustrated

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When Barbara Jenkins got the call that her daughter was missing a week ago, she left immediately, driving from Texas to Nevada.

En route she got another call and worse news, there a body had been found. A week later no one has said officially that the body is that of 26 year old Amber Jenkins.

"Everyone knows, the detectives, the coroner, everyone knows that's my daughter's body," says Barbara Jenkins.

Amber Jenkins had been living with Tim Pennington at his father's home in this Silver Springs mobile home park for a year and a half. The two have a year old daughter, but it was a troubled relationship.

"I got phone calls all the time from my daughter about the abuse she received from Tim," Jenkins says. "She wanted out."

Amber Jenkins was last seen a week ago Monday, A few days later on Thursday of that week an older SUV was found on the hillside above Silver Springs. Inside was a body and the vehicle was traced to Tim Pennington.

Lyon County Sheriff's deputies talked with Pennington that day, but took no action. Later that night after an angry phone call to Amber's family in Texas, he left his father's home.

"The next morning Tim's not in the house," says his father. "I look all over the place to try to find him. I look in the house,everything. I call his cell phone. No answer."
Ray Pennington says he has no idea where his son is, but is worried. "We could talk about it."

And what would he say to him?

"That I'm embarrassed as all hell."

Lyon County is looking for him, but they are saying a little about that search as they are about anything else related to the case. Everything seems to be waiting on the coroner's report and even though her mother says she's given them dental records and information on identifying marks, there's still no positive identification. Authorities have said only that the body was in the early stages of decomposition and there was no obvious signs of trauma.

In their wait Amber Jenkins' family wonders what might have happened.

"I truly believe my daughter was trying to get out," says Barbara Jenkins. "I think there might have been a fight and she wanted to get out so bad that something happened, he did something to her so she wouldn't leave him."

"We just want answers to what happened. We just want answer why this had to happen. Not only for us, but for her daughter.

That's the final issue raised by the delay.

Amber's one year old daughter is with child protective services. Her grandmother would like to take her home, but without the positive identification of the body, incredibly authorities are legally not yet viewing Amber Jenkins as a possible victim of homicide, but rather a neglectful mother.

"They've listed my daughter as having abandoned her daughter.