Decision 2012 - It's Finally Over

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RENO, Nev.- The elections are over and a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief.

“I voted for Obama so I’m happy about that,” Sparks resident Travis Wright said. “And I’m glad it’s over so I don’t have to watch those stupid commercials anymore.”

He says the phone calls and home visits have been relentless over the past few weeks.

“I had people at my house every day, sometimes multiple times a day,” Wright said. “Phone calls all day long; it started in the early afternoon and went into the evening. I’m very happy I’m not going to get bugged anymore.”

In west Reno, the Romney headquarters set up shop next door to Shear Elegance salon. Owner Patty Espeseth says the last few months have been interesting.

“We had a lot of people going to the Romney headquarters for Romney, against Romney and we got a lot of debates in here,” Espeseth said. “But we’re not for or against; we’re just here to cut hair.”

Still, there was plenty of political talk from clients and debates could get a little heated.

“I’m so happy it’s over and we’re back to normal life,” Stylist Kelly Nilsson said. “Everybody’s opinions have been really strong and not really nice. Politics and religion are two things you don’t talk about and people have been pushing it to the limit so you just have to say more power to you, let God take care of it.”

Stylist Danielle Vieira says maintaining a positive attitude was key this election season.

“All the girls here try to focus on having a very positive vibe so it was hard having people really push their views,” Vieira said. “But I think it was cool to see the passion. There was a lot of passion and it gave me a feeling of where Nevada comes from and what Nevadans stand for. I saw a lot of parents teaching their children how to volunteer and I thought that was really positive.”