Deadline Brings Out Late Voter Registration Surge

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There were lines at times Monday at the Washoe County Voter Registrar's office though they seemed to move quickly.

All in all, traffic was steady and expected.

"I think it becomes more prominent in the news right now when we're at the end., says the registrar's administrative assistant Luanne Cutler. "So, it always happens this way. It's not a surprise."

Cutler says that holds especially in presidential election cycles.

And with early voting starting this Saturday all those people were getting in just under the wire.

This is the old school way of registering. In recent years, the state and others have made it even easier, letting you sign up at the DMV and online and, of course, political parties and other groups have held registration drives.

Reports of irregularities in some of those attempts have raised some concerns.

KOLO 8 News Now carried reports last week in which employees of a political action group Americans For Prosperity, were shown on video asking people not to register as Democrats.

Those reports and earlier allegations of some registration forms being destroyed in Las Vegas led the Secretary of State's office to once again issue the advice to anyone who registered with an unofficial source to check to make sure they are really registered.

Cutler says she's unaware of anyone whose voting rights are at risk, but she says it's good advice and their staff is ready to help.

"Absolutely. It's a real easy thing to do to check on our web page and if folks don't have internet at home, they're more than welcome to give us a call and we'd be happy to check for them," she says.

"Better to be safe than to get past the deadline and not be able to vote in this big election."

The registrar's office will be open until nine o'clock Tuesday night.

For more information and to check your registration status go to or call 328=3670.