Day Of Giving For Local Red Cross

Pictures of the east coast tell a story of disaster.

But what you don't often see are pictures of disaster relief .

Pictures taken by Kelly Boyd a local Red Cross Volunteer at a shelter in New York, show kids having fun and taking a break from the destruction around them.

Boyd says she wanted the kids at the shelter to have a Happy Halloween no matter where they were.

Boyd is just one of 20 volunteers from Northern Nevada who are currently in New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

“Most of our volunteers are working in shelters or managing shelters. We also have a volunteer, Nancy Barrett who is in a big shelter in New Jersey that has a lot of devastation and she's presently managing a shelter of 400-people,” says Karli Epstrin from the American Red Cross in Northern Nevada.

At the Western Distribution Center for the Red Cross off of USA Parkway, volunteers are loading 23,000 blankets requested by crews on the east coast.

It should take a couple of hours to load the trucks, but once the mission is complete the Red Cross should have 80,000 blankets in the hands of those who need them by the end of the week--just in time for a predicted the Noreaster.

Epstein says this is a classic example of what your dollar donation does.

“Every dollar you give to us we are doing our best to mae sure its given exactly to people who need it and where they need it most,” says Epstein.

Local and National companies have made it easy for you to donate as well.

At Raley's donations jars are right at the checkout counter..

Wells Fargo has set up their ATM's so you can donate when you make a deposit or withdraw..

The Northern Nevada Red Cross says it would like to ultimately raise $1,000,000 locally.

Its not something that need to be done over night.

That's because the recovery effort will take much, much longer.

Meantime 18- people from NV Energy are on their way to Rockaway, New York to help repair electrical power line.

Their trucks have actually been flown by the military from Nellis and Travis Air Force bases to Long Island New York.

Crews are assisting Long Island Power Authority.