Report: Daughter Shops for Bigger Knife To Kill Her Mother

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SPARKS - Catherine Eisley says she simply had enough. Her mother had to die.

After decades of suppressing anger that she says her mom caused, the 48-year-old Sparks woman told investigators that she decided to do something. When it was all over, 70-year-old Cherry Clasen lay dead in her daughter's home, beaten with a bat and stabbed Wednesday night.

According to a police report, Eisley told investigators that her mother caused her to have post Traumatic Stress Disorder, explaining she witnessed, as a young girl, her mother and 15-year old brother committing incest. By 1995, Eisley said she was forced to take special medication to help level out her depression.

On Wednesday, Eisley was at her mother's home just down the street from her Nelson Way home in Sparks when something triggered her deep-seated anger. It was then, when police say, she decided to invite her mother to her house for one last visit. But first she had to buy a larger knife at a nearby Raley's grocery story. The knives she had at home, she thought, were too small for the job.

According to the police report, Cherry Clasen arrived at her daughter's home later that night. Eisley then lured her mother to the back of the house where she would carry out the brutal attack.

Eisley said she purposely walked behind her mother and then swung a bat to her head. Her mother collapsed to the ground, but still tried to fight off the attack. But the daughter kept swinging until her mother was unconscious. Eisley then took a knife and slit her mother's throat and then stabbed her mother three times in the stomach.

The daughter then washed the blood off her hands and smoked a cigarette before calling police to report that her mother was dead.

During the police interview at the Sparks Police Station, Eisley told police that she was currently taking psychotropic medication and did not think the meds were causing any ill side-effects.

The last sentence in the police report reads: "She said that she knew what she did was wrong and "illegal."

Eisley is expected to make her first court appearance Monday morning.