Date Set for Carson Freeway Completion

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CARSON CITY, NV - Do you ever drive the freeway in Carson City, and wonder when they're going to finish it? The first phase of the road was completed in 2005, but the rest of it still hasn't even been paved.

"I think it would be really helpful to have everything completed so people who just want get on through can go through," said Rebecca Kneeland, a Carson City resident.

"That's a good thing. You stay on the road and stay out of the town, so to speak," said John Nagy, who visits Carson often.

For nine years now, the Carson Freeway has dead-ended at Fairview Drive. The area the road is meant to fill remains wide open, waiting for completion.

"We are looking at an estimate completion date and opening of the last leg of the Carson City Freeway in approximately 2017," said Meg Ragonese with the Nevada Department of Transportation.

They have been working on the project, just not in way you would think.

"I think that people really are not aware of all the work that went into this phase because a lot of it was behind the scene work," said Ragonese.

Installing a freeway is more than just laying down blacktop. Crews have been moving sewer mains, installing drainage, and setting up the infrastructure required for a several lane highway.

"The next phase, which starts construction next year and that will pave and open the freeway to traffic from Fairview to Spooner Junction," said Ragonese.

Mark your calendar; sailing through Carson straight up to Tahoe is just a little over two years away.

The total cost of the entire Carson Freeway project is about 200-million dollars.