Dangers and Liabilities Behind Hosting A Party For The Big Game

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Before hosting a party for the big game, experts recommend making a call to your insurance agent.

State Farm Insurance recommends checking your general liability policy. This is important before hosting a function, especially if there's going to be alcohol.

If someone at your party gets a ticket, DUI, or worst case scenario, an accident-you can be held liable for lawyer fees, lost wages, medical bills, even a wrongful death suit.

Also, if someone gets food poisoning from food served at your party, you can be held responsible for medical bills.

Insurance experts also recommend making sure there are no hazards around your house. If someone slips and falls in your driveway, you could be held liable.

If you have a pet who doesn't get along with strangers, you may want to find another place for him/her, because you can be held responsible if the animal bites someone.