'Dam California' Movie Premieres in Reno

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RENO, NV - A red carpet reception is taking place in downtown Reno Saturday. It marks the premiere of "Dam California," a movie developed and shot right here in northern Nevada. Writer and director Isaac Piche says it started as a student project, but quickly grew into a full-fledged production.

He says he chose to shoot a movie about a California town in Nevada because the landscape is diverse, and everything he needed to make the film was readily available. "It's about people seeking purpose, and they come together to tell the story of a controversy, a fictional controversy, based on real events within the water rights scenario of California." With many local actors and a theme that resonates with the high desert community, Piche says there's a lot about the movie that will appeal to locals.

Two screenings of the film will be held Saturday at the Pioneer Underground. The first is at 5:00 PM; the second starts at 8:30 PM. A charity auction is scheduled to take place between the two shows to benefit the group We Care Reno, which helps feed Reno's homeless four nights a week.

Piche says he is now looking for a distributor for the film, and he already has a couple other projects in the works. "We have a web series that we're putting together called project 'Pale Horse'" he says. "We'll release the teaser here, we'll show it right before the film." He says he's also working on another feature film called "Manifest Destiny", so be sure to keep watching for this up-and-coming movie maker at next year's film festivals.