Washoe Parent's Trespassing Citation Lifted

UPDATE, 7/3/2014:
Release from Washoe County School District:
Mr. and Mrs. Dailey met with Superintendent Martinez on July 2, 2014 to discuss outstanding issues related to services provided to Mr. and Mrs. Dailey’s child, as well as global issues related to the District’s special education department. The meeting was very productive and allowed both parties to openly discuss and address Mr. and Mrs. Dailey’s concerns and more.
Both parties agreed that the District should develop a process to hear and address the concerns of all WCSD parents who have children with disabilities. They also believe that the process should strive to effectively deal with those concerns at appropriate levels of the special education system. Some steps, such as the formation of a special education advisory committee, are already in progress.
The parties believe that the issues discussed at the meeting will allow a fresh start and provide both parties with a more open dialogue moving forward. Another result from this meeting is that the trespass warning issued to Mr. Dailey on May 8, 2014 has been lifted. The parties believe that a positive and open relationship is in everybody’s best interests.


RENO, NV (6/12/2014) - Larry Dailey has appealed his trespassing citation in front of a hearing officer.

At that hearing, Daily said he was advocating for his child, who has a disability.

He went to the district May 8th, he says, to talk to someone in charge about bullying at his daughter's school.

He says the school police would not help him, and he waited 8 minutes to have a meeting with the school superintendent, who was unavailable.

He returned to school police, where he says supervisors and department heads would not take time to meet with him.

He says that's a violation of school policy.

Dailey told the hearing officer his case underscores a deeper problem at the district.

“So this isn't a case of a parent trespassing. It's a case of a police department covering up wrongful actions,” said Dailey.

School police say Dailey became agitated and belligerent, so much so, staff became concerned and feared for their safety.

They put the district office in a code yellow and testified they tried to escort Dailey to his car.

Reno police were called and also issued Dailey a trespass warning.

The hearing officer says he'll render a decision on Dailey's appeal in five working days.

In 2013 Daily was cited for trespassing after another incident with the district.

In that case, the school district ultimately apologized to Dailey and paid him $17,500.