DMV's Busiest Day

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RENO, Nev. -- The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is asking motorists to use alternative services the Monday after Thanksgiving or to delay visiting an office until later in the week.

The Monday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the department’s busiest day of the year, leading some of the staff to call it “Black Monday.” Wait times can easily double or triple to two hours or longer.
“Enjoy your holidays and don’t get stuck in the long lines early next week,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard.

There are many alternatives to DMV office visits. The department’s website offers more than 20 online transactions. Most insurance issues can be handled on the internet or by telephone. Many transactions such as address changes or custom license plate orders can be accomplished by mail or fax.

The DMV’s popular self-service kiosks offer more services in more locations. The department added 25 new machines earlier this year in locations such as Albertson’s stores in Las Vegas and Scolari’s Food and Drug in Reno.

Visit the DMV’s website to find online services, kiosk locations and ways to avoid the waits before you visit an office. If you do have to visit an office, the DMV’s website and iPhone app list the current wait times for the metropolitan areas.