DMV to Hold Public Workshop on Driver Authorization Cards

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CARSON CITY, Nev – Next week the Department of Motor Vehicles will help you learn more about the Driver Authorization Cards and its regulations. The Driver Authorization Cards passed during the past legislative session that would give undocumented immigrants the change to drive in Nevada legally and get insurance.

The DMV will have a public workshop on Wednesday, August 7th at the State Legislative Building. According to a press release, the workshop will talk about the proposed regulations for the new Driver Authorization Card. The main topic will be about what additional documents that will be accepted by the DMV to establish proof of residency and the DMV’s proposed document translation requirements.

Legislators have estimated as many as 60,000 undocumented people will apply for the cards. “The Driver Authorization Card will allow people without documentation to obtain a regular driver’s license to receive a driver privilege card in Nevada. Based on experience in other states, this will enhance the overall safety for all drivers in Nevada and will lead to fewer uninsured motorists driving on our roads,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard.