DMV: Focus on Customer Service is Working

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CARSON CITY, NV – Officials with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada say they are pleased with the results of a new survey indicating they're improving when it comes to customer service.

According to the online survey conducted in May, 93% of customers said their experience at the DMV was either much better than they expected (36%), somewhat better (22%) or as expected (35%).

“The public has noticed DMV’s renewed commitment to customer service,” says Director Troy Dillard. “The survey results tell us that our customers are, by and large, having a positive experience. As a state government agency, that’s the outcome you strive to have,” he added.

The DMV received slightly more than 3,000 responses to a customer service survey conducted on the department’s website May 15-31.

In response to another question, 78% of customers complimented DMV employees, saying DMV staff exceeded their expectations. “The numbers are encouraging,” says Dillard. “We have made a concerted effort to improve our customer service and we are making progress.”

Vegas Seven Magazine this week named DMV the “Best Government Agency That Used to be the Worst.” The article stated, “… But there’s been a transformation in recent years, with shocking results: an orderly system, reasonable waits and (this is still hard to type) pleasant services.”