DMV: Customers More Satisfied with Service

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CARSON CITY, Nev.-- A recent survey reveals some pretty surprising results about the Nevada DMV, with customers now saying their experiences are actually positive.

Most drivers have bad experiences at the DMV. A quick trip turns into an all-day affair filled with endless paperwork and disgruntled employees. It's an image Nevada's DMV is trying to shake.

"Over the last few years we have actually had a concerted effort to enhance our customer service," said David Fierro, spokesman for the Nevada DMV.

In the last few years, the agency has overhauled its procedures. Its employees are better trained, more services are available online, and drivers are treated as customers instead of numbers.

"Actually I would say it was pleasant," says one customer.
"A lot different than past experiences. Much quicker, much easier, a lot smoother and the gal that helped me was fabulous," says another customer.

The changes seem to be working; in an online survey conducted in May, 93% of customers said their experience was at or better than what they expected. 78% said they were satisfied with DMV employees.

A typical DMV experience usually involves a lot of waiting, but wait times are actually one of those things that customers say have been reduced.

"We were pleasantly surprised to find that we had a lot of positive numbers in our survey," said Fierro.

It's not to say that everyone will have a perfect experience, but the DMV is happy the changes are working. Moving forward, the agency is focused on technology. The hope is in the future, customers won't even have to go to the DMV to get most services.