Crime Victims Find Support, Solace At Labyrinth Garden

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RENO, NV - The Labyrinth Garden at Rancho San Rafael Park is dedicated to the victims of crime.

The walk way into this corner of the park is literally paved with their names. Survivors come here to remember and deal with their loss.

Thursday there was a special luncheon gathering, a chance for them to meet and support each other, but at some point it was also, for most, a solitary stop on a lifelong journey.

Gayle Farley is a frequent visitor.

"I come up here a lot and I walk the labyrinth," she says. "And I don't just think of Kellie. I think of Brianna Dennison. I think of all the victims."

Her daughter, Kellie Parry, was shot and killed by her boyfriend in 1999. One corner of the garden is dedicated in her honor, planted by Farley. Nearby Kellie Parry's name shares this bench with another young murder victim.

Her killer, Brandon Allen had a history of threatening people at gunpoint, but paid little for those incidents, as the law at that time treated it only as a misdemeanor.

Following her daughter's death, Gayle Farley went to work to change the law and did.

"I think it just fueled me to make a difference so Kellie's life, her death wasn't in vain. I wanted everyone to remember her. I didn't want them to forget what happened because it can happen to anybody. It's just a split second and your life is changed."

But even purposeful work and success can't bring closure. Neither do quiet moments in this garden or sharing the support of others, but they do help.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my daughter. When she first died I read all these books and they all say there may come a day when for a whole day you don't think about her. I haven't gotten that yet."

The gathering was sponsored by the Alliance For Victims' Rights, an advocacy and support group. For more information, click on Hot Toipics.