Police Identify Victims of Sparks Deadly Shooting

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Sparks police are now identifying the victims of Thursday's deadly shooting at a vacant home in Sparks.
They say the woman shot and injured was Janai Wilson. She is expected to live. The man who was shot and killed is being identified as Cody Devine.

SPARKS, NV - Sparks police are investigating a shooting that killed a man and wounded a woman Thursday morning.

Lt. Chad Hawkins says shortly before 8AM, they were called to 1032 H Street. Hawkins says the owner of a vacant house was called by a neighbor who told him there were people, possibly squatters, in the house. When he arrived, he found a man and woman, and police say he shot them, though the circumstances are still not clear to police.

The man was found dead in the house; the woman was found with gunshot wounds about a block away. Police say she is hospitalized with wounds they believe are not life-threatening.

No names have been released. Police say the shooter is cooperating with the investigation.

Sparks police say since the shooting, a resident named Anthony Burgarello, the owner of Burg's Bar on Victiorian in Sparks, has been getting threats. Police want everyone to know he has no involvement in this incident.