Ice Messes With Traffic on 580, Elsewhere

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RENO, NV - Traffic is moving again on I-580 through Washoe Valley after several crashes near the Mount Rose Highway led to the diversion of traffic to 395A Monday morning.

NHP says the crashes are ice- and fog-related.

NHP says there don't appear to be major injuries in the crashes, which have led mostly to property damage.

In the city of Reno, firefighters are urging drivers to drive with caution, as snow and ice have made roads slippery throughout Reno and the Truckee Meadows.

RFD advises motorists to adjust their driving habits with the change of road conditions by slowing down, allowing extra time to get to the destination and allowing extra stopping distance between vehicles.

“Local weather reports are forecasting ice and fog over the next few days. Please plan for and use extra caution when driving though slippery roadway conditions,” adds Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez.