Craigslist Scam Turns Into Robbery

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RENO, NV -- With a new iPhone released last week, there are some screamin' deals to be had on old iPhones. But before you set up a purchase on Craigslist, be wary of who you're buying from.

A buyer was eager to get his hands on a deal last week. The seller said, "Let's meet up, but you have to hand me the money before I hand you the phone." It turns out there was never a phone to be had.

The average Craigslist transaction goes off without a hitch. The buyer brings the money, the seller brings the item and everyone goes home happy.

It was a different story last monday in a parking lot of East Plumb; a Craigslist ad for an iPhone looked legit, but the seller had false intentions.

"You go to Craigslist or any type of internet ad and you find a high priced item at a low price; be very cautious or it could be stolen property," said Lt. Bill Rulla of the Reno Police Department.

Police say Hillary Eisenbarth was a scammer. Her Facebook page shows she had an iPhone, but her intentions show she had no plans of giving it up.

"I believe the suspect was still sitting in her vehicle; the transaction was happening while the victim was standing outside the car," said Rulla.

Once the money was exchanged, it was time to hand over the phone, but once the victim got the box there was not even a phone inside. The suspect drove off.

The victim ran after the suspect and reached through her window. Luckily he was able to get his money back before she made off.

"The suspect struck the victim a few times before the victim was able to get the money back and then kinda fell off the car as the suspect drove away," said Rulla.

Days later, the suspect posted another ad on Craigslist, and police set up a meeting.

"When she showed up they took her into custody," said Rulla.

The 23-year-old now faces robbery charges and that iPhone she allegedly decided not to sell isn't doing her much good in jail.

On its website, Craigslist suggests buyers and sellers meet in a public place like a café. They should bring someone with them for protection. They should trust their instincts; if something seems off, it probably is.