Court Documents: Suspect Shot During Deadly Crime Spree

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"These folks were intent on creating a horrific event in both areas," says Kenneth Furlong, Carson City Sheriff.

As three adults sit in the Washoe County jail and a fourth suspect stays at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center, detectives are still infuriated over the violence they say they created.

"This was a random drive down the street, look for the victim and when you saw one, whether it was a juvenile or adult, ambush them and attack them. That's just there's no other word for that other than terror," says Sheriff Furlong.

Authorities now say there were six crimes committed in three hours on Saturday.

The crime spree started around 9:30 that night when police say the suspects held a man up near Virginia Lake in Reno. Then the suspects drove to Carson City to rob and assault several more strangers at gunpoint, then came back to Reno.

"Each incident escalated in violence," says Sheriff Furlong.

The spree finally ended on California Avenue in Reno where 27-year-old Steven Gale was shot and killed during an armed robbery. That bullet also hit someone else.

"I understand that the juvenile involved was injured," says Sheriff Furlong.

Court documents say the 13-year old suspect was treated at Renown for a gunshot wound in the hand. He gave several excuses for his injury. Later, police linked that wound to the shooting on California Avenue. KOLO 8 News will not release the teen's name because he is a juvenile.

Court documents also say Jacob Sanchez pulled the trigger. Aurora Rodriguez-Perez was the driver of the white sedan used in the crimes. Luis Sanchez is also suspected in the crimes. Police say if it weren't for the surveillance photos taken at a Carson City Walmart, where the suspects are accused of shoplifted booze that night, the suspects might not have shown up at the Reno Police Station on Monday to try to clear their names. They were later arrested when detectives didn't buy their story.

As to why the Reno suspects would travel all the way to Carson City still troubles law enforcement.

"To my knowledge, there's no ties here," says Sheriff Furlong. "They just picked. At random, just like their victims."

With the suspects in custody, people in both cities can be relieved.

The adult suspects are charged with armed robbery and more charges could come as the murder investigation continues. The suspects are scheduled to face a judge Thursday morning.