Couple In Murder/Kidnap Standoff Were Paranormal 'Rock Stars'

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RENO, NV - Their names may be new to most of us, but in the world of paranormal investigation the names of Mark Constantino and his estranged wife, Debby are writ large.

"They were rock stars," says Jeadene Solberg, founder of the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters. "If you talk to anybody who is coming into the paranormal, who've seen the TV shows, they'll ask 'do you know the Constantinos? Have you worked with them?'"

They were seen as pioneers in their field, setting the pattern for ghost hunters everywhere, especially in the field of EVP's--electronic voice phenomenon--which some believe are messages from the spirit world.

But as well-known as this team was, the inner dynamics of their marriage and family which eventually spiraled into violence remained hidden from most until perhaps the last two months.

"They kept it private except from an elite few what they were going through," says Solberg.

So, word of Tuesday's incidents sent shock waves through the paranormal community.

"Everyone I've heard from from here to Florida has had nothing but kind words to say about them. It's so sad and everyone is in shock."

Solberg says she reached out to both when she learned of their fractured relationship, in fact communicating with Mark Constantino Monday night on Facebook.

"He had mentioned that he was at home watching the football game and it was the first time he had felt comfortable and he felt at ease in a couple of weeks.

And I said 'good for you. You know reach out to us and we'll hang out and we'll do something.' And he wrote back and said 'I just really feel good.' And so it seemed that everything was fine and so to watch this come out on the air, on the news, on Facebook was just a total shock."